Everybody Dance Now

For 2021, we’ve got dancers Helen and Penny working with us to do dance projects online and in the community. 

To start, they’ve created a ‘Knowle West dance routine’, which they want local people to learn and then film themselves doing.      

These are the moves for the routine:

1. Bling
2. Shake It Off
3. Janet Jackson
4. Roll It
5. Make It Rain

They also want people to film themselves doing something boring and then doing something fun. People can upload the videos of them doing both this and the Knowle West dance routine here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/bQkfxLKmJTOcBCcFkAax


Here’s a video of them doing the above:

And here’s a video of how you can do it yourself:

The videos of people doing the above will be used for a new music video for a new song by Knowle West artists KALA CHNG and DJ Bunjy:

When uploading your video, do:

  • Turn on the selfie option so you can see yourself.
  • Film with camera on landscape view/turned sideways.
  • Take one breath before starting the movement and one breath after finishing the
    movement for clearer movement and easier editing.

But don’t:

  • Don’t worry about making mistakes. Sometimes those are the best part. And if not,
    we have the magic of editing!

More filming tips: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1210LaTPDsf8UKdtJj1kdfdLxPYwzQS8p/view

Penny Caffrey runs Movema while Helen Wilson runs RISE Youth Dance. For our community centre and Filwood Fantastic, they’re working together on Everybody Dance Now – part of Bristol Dance Futures’s Dance Connects programme.