Filwood Community Centre was built in 1937 to serve the new community of Knowle West, at a cost of £17,000. Taken from the original opening day information:
The community centre (to be known as Filwood Social Centre) is now completed.
As the Centre is intended for use by both adults and youths, the building was planned around a quadrangle so as to afford separate accommodation for the two groups. The central lawns, with covered way all round, occupying a space 176ft 10ins x 59ft 6ins will afford opportunities for outdoor entertainments. Accommodation at the centre includes a main hall 81ft x 40ft (which will seat 400) complete with stage and dressing rooms. Special attention has been paid to curtains and stage lighting. There is also a fully equipped gymnasium 61ft x 30ft with changing rooms and shower baths adjoining. Generally to be reserved for youth activities, there are four club rooms (three 13ft x 20ft and one 15ft 6 ins x 20ft); a games room 32ft x 20ft; a workshop 22ft 6 ins x 20ft and a craft room 24ft x 20ft.
Accommodation for adults will be afforded in the common and reading rooms (both 26ft x 20ft); a games room 32ft x 20ft; a meeting room 30ft x 20ft and a skittle alley 67ft x 15ft. The Libraries Committee will supply papers and periodicals and  a number of volumes for the Reading Room.”

“The Centre is intended to be a homely club in which every member of the community, either individually or in groups may share opportunities for the fuller enjoyment of leisure and for making friends.”

You can read the full opening programme and text here.