Mini Golf Club

By ClubHouse Manager Megan Clark-Bagnall
I’m Meg, ClubHouse Manager for the Filwood Fantastic Mini Golf Club
We established the golf club during lockdown as a bit of fun to pass the tricky times. 
Our project cheerleads the BIG BUILD for the real life mini golf course, which amazing charity re:work are building with talented Bristol based carpenter Nic Marshall. WE ARE SOOOO EXCITED!
The ClubHouse Members are a group of around 16 households in the local area. We meet online for virtual ClubHouse meet ups on Thursday afternoons. We make our own mocktails, log on to start the session with a different ClubHouse Members fave song each week, share in values and ClubHouse rules centred around kindness, and listen to and learn more about our Knowle West neighbours & their skills. 
One week, The Daly family hosted the meeting showcasing their Pokemon Mini Golf design to us, teaching us all how to look up our golfers names and 6 year old Niamh did an off the cuff anime drawing lesson for us all. She’s a brilliant teacher! Brother Henry, can also draw a great Pikachu picture and input some great designs for a lego inspired DIY golf course during an earlier meeting. 
We’re a talented bunch, even if I say so myself. Our values board recognises some of the things we value and showcases the kind of artistes there are within the club… 
We value & are artistes of : 
– houseplants
– stone collecting 
– slurping drinks 
– dancing & procrastinating 
– drawing anime
– playing games & tech
– silly doodles
– knitting 
– hosting parties
– playing zelda
– telling stories
– hugs
– swimming 
– gymnastics
– baking 
– creativity 
– making things happen
– Lego 
– Painting 
– bending wood
– great hairstyles
– making stuff out of other stuff 
– honesty & positivity
We’ve also joined up with Fiona & June over at Hearts & Stars to award people inside (and outside of) KW who have shined for us during this time with star badge recognition. It’s also been a great way to share out beyond Knowle West, the amazing work that goes on here.
I awarded Herme’s delivery driver Wajad Ahmed this morning with his “I’m a star” badge. I honestly don’t know how he does it. He darts around so fast delivering parcels. I don’t think he stops to breathe. He really is a star and we both got a bit emosh when I presented his badge to him. 
We’ve been sending out postcards showing our friends and family what we’ve made and sharing the DIY golf knowledge with others. 
We’ll be planning some larger online DIY golfing events over the summer on Meg’s Youtube Channel – Make With Meg, as part of Knowle West Fest and at a special event in collaboration with Bristol’s Social Muscle Club at the end of August. Dates & details to follow. Follow us on Intsa for all the latest : @filwoodfantasticminigolf
Claudia the Caddie (also known as The Grape O Gram & KW Beaches) will be travelling the streets of Knowle West this summer inviting punters to putt with her and offering golf cart refreshments in the form of a hot cuppa T and a Club biscuit – so look out for her on a Knowle West street near you if you fancy a putt. 
If you just can’t get enough of the golf, listen to me and Claudia on BBC Sounds here :